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Solar Panel FAQ

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How Much Can I Save With Solar Panels?

If you’re paying the utility company for your electricity, it’s time for you to take back the power and start saving with a set of custom-designed solar panels. You’ll save money and BECOME the utility company.

When you’re paying a regular utility bill, electric companies in Southern California often charge as much as $.21/kwh. When you switch to a set of solar panels from Inter Faith Electric & Solar Installation, you’ll pay as little as $.06/kwh– and that includes the cost of the panels themselves! And it doesn’t even take into account the value you’re adding to your property by installing solar panels.

Do You Offer A Low-Price Guarantee?

Absolutely. If you have a quote from another Southern California solar panel company, bring it to us. We’ll beat it by at least $1,000.

Do Your Solar Panel Systems Include A Warranty?

Your solar panels are backed by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty that’s fully transferable if you ever sell your house. And all of our work is covered by our 10-year labor warranty.

Should I Buy Or Lease Solar Panels?

Don’t trust anyone who says you should lease solar panels for your home. They’re not looking out for your best interests.

Here’s why:

  • You’ll save very little. Leasing panels can cost as much as $.18/kwh. Compare that to $.06/kwh when you own your own solar panels.
  • You won’t get any tax credits or rebates. When you lease panels, the leasing company gets all the tax breaks. Remember: the owner of the solar panels gets the tax credits!
  • Lease terms often work against you. Your solar panel lease payments might balloon after a year or two. When you buy panels, you can finance and lock in a low, guaranteed monthly payment.
  • You won’t add value to your home. When you put a pool in your backyard

I Have Bad Credit. Can I Afford To Buy Solar Panels?

You can’t afford NOT to buy them! As a homeowner in Southern California, you’ll have no trouble qualifying for financing with our partner banks. Financing for solar panel systems starts at 2.99% and a $0 down.

That’s right, we can install your solar panels for no money down!

Are Solar Panels Just For Residential Properties?

No! At Inter Faith Electric & Solar Installation, we love working with business owners in Southern California, too! Solar panels are a great addition to any commercial property. They’re a great way to show your company’s commitment to the environment and will help your business save thousands.

We’re also full-service commercial electrical contractors and are available to work on ground-up commercial construction projects in Southern California. Need help? Just contact us online!

How Long Until I Can Get My Solar Panels Up & Running?

On average, it takes about 2 weeks to get your solar panel system installed and hooked into the electric grid. We do need an inspection from the city and approval from the utility company to bring your solar panel system online. Delays on their end can sometimes add an extra week or two.

After You Install Solar Panels, Do You Offer Maintenance Services?

Yep! Our trained technicians can come out to your home and clean your solar panels for just $5 per panel. Most solar panel systems will require 2-3 cleanings every year to keep them working like new!

Do You Offer Other Services to Improve My Home’s Energy Efficiency?

Yes! Ask about our Whole House Fans— they’re designed to lower your electric bill even further, as well as cool and ventilate your home. A Whole House Fan can be installed in your attic. By running your fan, you can remove hot, stale air from inside your home and replace it with cool, fresh air from outdoors. The fans are whisper quiet and incredibly energy-efficient!

What Areas Do You Serve?

At Inter Faith Electric & Solar Installation, we install solar panels throughout Southern California and the San Fernando Valley. If you live in Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino and Kern County, we’d love to work with you!

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