Whole House Fan Installation

whole house fan installation Bakersfield CA

Lower Your Electric Bill. Cool & Ventilate Your Home.

Why Install a Whole House Fan?

The Southern California area, including the San Fernando Valley and Bakersfield, receives more days of sunshine than almost anywhere else in the United States. This means more hot days and more days when most homeowners rely on an air conditioner to cool their home.

The result? Huge electric bills from the utility company.

Fortunately, there’s a better option. Whole house fans are an investment that can lower your electric bill while still keeping your house at a comfortable temperature. Keep reading to learn more about why a whole house fan installation might be the best option for cooling and ventilating your home.

How Do Whole House Fans Work?

At Inter Faith Electric & Solar Installation, we can install a whole house fan in your attic. It’s like an exhaust system for your home– transferring hot, stale air from inside the home and allowing negative pressure to draw cooler air in through open windows. It’s a simple, energy-efficient system that really works!

“Marcus & Inter Faith Electric knew exactly what needed to be done. They came the next day and got everything fixed in a couple of hours. I’m happy with the job well done. I will definitely call them again!

— Daryl A.

Residential Solar Panel Systems

Take Back the Power! To truly achieve energy independence, combine a whole house fan with a custom designed solar panel system from Inter Faith Electric & Solar Installation.

Why Solar? Our Solar Panels:

  • Save You Money Every Month
  • Increase the Value of Your Home
  • Are Built Right Here in the USA Using the Best Materials
  • Can Be Installed in 14 Days or Less
  • Are Covered By a 25-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty & 10-Year Labor Warranty
  • Can Be Yours For No Money Down

Plus, we’ll beat a quote from any other solar panel installer in the area. Learn more.

About Inter Faith Electric & Solar Installation

I’m Marcus Beale and I’m the founder of Inter Faith Electric & Solar Installation. I’m a licensed electrical contractor with 20 years industry experience. Over the years, I’ve installed thousands of whole house fans and solar panel systems in homes throughout the San Fernando Valley.

Nobody can beat our prices, our service, or the quality of our work. I guarantee it.

Want to know more? Give me a call today. (866) 245-1440

Marcus Beale

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Whole House Fans Quiet?
Yes! Because they’re installed in your attic (a well insulated space), away from living areas, they’re extremely quiet!

Are Whole House Fans a “Green” Technology?
Absolutely! A Whole house is incredibly energy efficient when compared to air conditioners and other home cooling solutions and you get a utility rebate.

Is Stale Air In My Home Bad For My Healthy?
Because modern homes are so well-sealed, stale air can build up and contribute to health issues. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that homeowners bring as much fresh outside air into their homes as possible.

Will I Still Have to Run My AC?
Many homeowners find that a whole house fan can nearly eliminate their need for air conditioning.

Do You Work in My Area?
We’re able to travel throughout the San Fernando Valley and Southern California to install solar panels or perform electrical work. If you’re located in Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino and Kern County, we’d love to work with you!

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