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The Best Way to Bolster Your Solar Panels and Truly Get Off The Grid

We all know that solar panels are the best and least expensive way to power your home. Solar panels are reliable, cost-effective, and good for the environment. A common question we get though is what happens when the sun sets?

To truly say goodbye to traditional power, solar powered battery backup systems can be used to harness the sun’s energy for use when the sun sets into the Pacific Ocean.

Our technicians use the latest technology and industry best practices to install solar panels that make powering your space with solar power uncomplicated. Best of all, our solar panels are backed by a best-in-California 10-year warranty.

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How Do Solar Powered Battery Backup Systems Work?

Your solar panels collect sunlight and convert it to electrical energy to power your home. However, they can charge high-capacity batteries that can then be used as a backup when no other power is available for your home or commercial property.

Extremely high-capacity batteries can also be used as part of a solar panel and battery backup system that is 100% off grid. Your home or property can be powered 24/7/365 without any connection to the utility company — that means no more monthly electric bill.

Make the choice that is best for you and your family. Choose Inter Faith Solar & Electric for solar powered battery backup installation in your home or business.

Why Install a Solar Panel System and Solar Powered Battery Backup with Inter Faith Solar & Electric?

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Our solar panel and solar power battery backup installation services are more economical than our competition. Found a lower price? We’ll beat it!

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$0 down, low monthly payments, and a 10-year warranty equals less of your paycheck to power your home than with the electric company.

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Solar panels are required when building a new home in California. If yours doesn’t have them, you’ll be left in the dust!

Stop Paying the Utility Company. Become the Utility Company.

Do you have a quote from another solar panel installation company? We will beat the price by $1,000.

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Buy (Don’t Lease) Solar Panels. Here’s Why

Admirals Bank offers qualified homeowners and commercial property owners financing for solar panel systems. You’ll pay as little as 2.99% APR and best of all, there’s no down payment or initial out-of-pocket cost.

Lease Buy
Own The Solar Panels x
Receive State & Federal Tax Credits x
Improve Home or Commercial Property Value x
Lock in Flat Monthly Payments x
Electricity Cost $.18/kwh $.06/kwh
Financing Options

Solar Panel Installation Services

Solar power battery backup systems are the perfect complement to a solar panel installation project. While solar panel installation projects can be successful without a battery backup, they truly bring your systems to the next level. You can even live off the grid and say goodbye to the power company for good!

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