Solar Financing

Are you thinking of purchasing a solar panel system for your home in Southern California? Many homeowners believe they can’t afford to purchase solar panels due to a high upfront costs or because they won’t qualify for solar financing due to credit issues. This simply isn’t true.

You Can Own Solar Panels for $0 Down.

Believe it. With financing from our Banks, your solar panel system can be installed for absolutely no money down and with solar financing as low as 2.99% APR. Plus the overall cost of your electricity will be lower, too (even after factoring in the cost of your solar panels and installation).

The bottom line? You’ll save thousands of dollars by financing and purchasing solar panels for your home instead of leasing them. It’s just that simple.

Have a quote from another legit solar panel installer? We will beat the price by $1,000.

Lease Buy
You Own The Panels? No Yes
You Receive Federal & State Tax Credits? No Yes
Adds Value To Your Home? No Yes
Guaranteed Fixed Monthly Payments? No Yes
Bad Credit? No Yes
Electric Costs? $.18/kwh $.06/kwh

Remember: When You Lease You Miss Out On Valuable Tax Credits!

Many homeowners don’t realize that the valuable solar energy credits offered by the state of California and the federal government are only available to them if they purchase a solar panel system. If you lease solar panels, the owners of the panels get all the tax credits– not you! Your home is your property, don’t let someone else get away with making money off your home!

Did You Know: Selling Your House With Leased Solar Panels Can Be A Headache

If you lease solar panels, you’re no longer in complete control of your home. The owner of the panels can put a lien on your home (much like your mortgage), making selling it much more difficult. They basically become partner with you in your home.

When you purchase solar panels, you’re actually adding value to your home and can even transfer the panel’s manufacturer’s warranty to new owners when you’re ready to sell.

“After talking to several other companies and getting estimates I called Inter Faith Solar and they gave me a very reasonable price. They built a solar panel system that fit my needs and budget. I could not be happier.

— Jerry C.

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