Solar Provider Near Me in Tehachapi

Are you asking yourself “who’s the best solar provider near me in Tehachapi, CA?” You’ve found us! At Inter Faith Electric & Solar Installation, our solar panel experts have more experience than anyone else in all of Southern California.

If you’re paying month after month of outrageous utility bills — STOP! With solar panels on your Tehachapi home or commercial property, you don’t have to. You’ll stop PAYING the electric company and you’ll BECOME the electric company.

Tehachapi, it’s time for you to take back the power!

At Inter Faith Electric & Solar Installation, we’re proud to help Tehachapi homeowners and commercial property owners achieve energy independence. We understand your property is unique. Let’s design and install a solar panel system that meets your needs.

If you own a home or business in Tehachapi, solar panels can lower your monthly electric bill by nearly 70%!

Solar Panel Installation in Tehachapi, CA

multiple large solar panels on a commercial building

Save THOUSANDS of dollars and add value to your property. A solar panel system is a great investment for any business or commercial property.

Are you tired of high electric bills? Take back the power with a set of custom solar panels for your home.

Why Work With Inter Faith Electric & Solar?

At Inter Faith Solar and Electric, we’ve been the #1 solar provider in Tehachapi for over 20 years. How do we do it? With world-class service, an experienced team, and dedication to your complete satisfaction. The proof is in the results (and our 5-star client reviews).

How else do we set ourselves apart from other solar panel providers in Tehachapi?

  • Guaranteed low price. You’ll pay 30% less compared to competing solar companies!
  • Save up to 70% per kilowatt hour. That adds up to THOUSANDS of dollars a year!
  • No money down financing options help you own your panels! Bad credit and no credit are no problem.
  • Best-in-class manufacturer’s warranty on all solar panel systems!

Plus, Inter Faith’s experienced team will install your solar panel system in under 14 days.

“I had my SunPower solar panels installed by Inter Faith Electric. Marcus Beale and his employees were helpful and professional. I would recommend them to anyone. My solar panels look great and I really enjoy my $0 electric bill every month! I only wish I would have had them installed earlier than I did!”

— Margie M.

Solar Panel Financing Options Near Me in Tehachapi

Lease Buy
Own The Solar Panels x
California State & Federal Tax Credits x
Adds Value To Your Home Or Commercial Property x
Flat Monthly Payments x
Electricity Cost $.18/kwh $.06/kwh

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Panels

Will Solar Panels Help Save Me Money?
Of course they will! In Tehachapi, electricity costs around $.18/kwh (kilowatt hour). But here’s what the utility companies don’t want you to know: investing in solar panels for your home can reduce this to about $.06/kwh hour. You’ll save nearly 70% on your energy costs! Solar panels also ADD value to your property. Can you believe it? You won’t lose!

Do You Install Solar Panels Near Me in Tehachapi?
If you live in Southern California or in Tehachapi, we definitely do! We design, install, and maintain solar panel systems on homes and businesses throughout the entire region. If you live anywhere in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino, or Kern County, you can take back the power!

Are Tax Credits Available For Solar Panels in Tehachapi, California?
If you’re a California resident, you are eligible for state and federal tax credits and rebates when you buy and install solar panels. Give us a call at (661) 245-3224 and we’ll tell you more.

Hey Tehachapi: Are You Ready to Take Back the Power?

Give us a call at (661) 245-3224 to learn more and get started!

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