Have you just bought your Southern California dream home? Or you’re a homeowner who’s sick and tired of the rising costs of electricity? Maybe you’ve seen a few news stories about the popularity of solar panels and are wondering if the reality lives up to the hype?

No matter how your interest in solar panels began, you’ve ended up in the right place. Inter Faith Electric & Solar Installation is the most trusted and most experienced solar panel company in Southern California. In today’s post we’ll be sharing the facts you need to know if you’re new to solar power.

How does solar reduce your electric bill?

The cost of electricity is nearly off the charts and it’s getting even higher. Some experts believe electric costs might double in coming decade. With solar panels you will no longer be dependent on the cost of electricity from the utility company. In fact, you’ll even benefit from rising electric costs!

How? Net energy metering (NEM). With NEM, your solar panels provide power to your home. They’re also connected to the electric grid. When your solar panels produce more electricity than you use, you’ll receive a credit for the electricity you “sell back” to the utility company.

Many of our customers are able to reduce their electric costs to nearly $0 a month and some are even able to get paid instead of paying an electric bill!

Can I get tax credits when I buy solar panels?

Only the owner of the solar panel gets the tax credits and rebates. When you lease panels the leasing company gets the savings. When you guy solar panels, you’re the one with the power. Read more about the solar panel tax credits and rebates available to California homeowners.

Is solar power an investment?

Yes! It’s a no brainer. When you buy solar panels you’re not only reducing your electric bills every month but you’re also adding value to your property. But remember, you must buy your solar panels to reap all of the benefits. When you lease solar panels, you’re throwing money away and you’re not building equity in your solar panel system. It can also be hard to sell your home as the true owners of the panel will become part owners of your property.

DID YOU KNOW: 5kwh of solar panels add up to $30,000 to your home’s value!

How can you afford solar panels?

Just like any investment, you have to spend money to make money. But when you buy solar panels from Inter Faith Electric & Solar Installation, our financing offers make owning solar panels more affordable than you ever thought possible.

Your solar panels may be installed for $0 out of pocket thanks to our low-interest financing options. You’ll lock in low monthly payments that allow you to pay for your solar panels over time.

Your payments never increase and you’ve got all the power.

Are all solar panels the same?

No! In recent years there’s been a flood of low-cost foreign made solar panels that aren’t as efficient and don’t last as long as the high-quality solar panels we offer. Our solar panels are made here in America using the best technologies and are designed to last for years with minimal maintenance.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best solar panels. It’ll cost you!

How do I take care of my solar panels?

Believe it or not, solar panels actually require almost no maintenance. They just need a simple cleaning a few times a year. Our professionally trained solar technicians work quickly, efficiently, safely, and won’t damage your roof. There’s nothing else to it!

How long does it take to get solar panels put on my home?

We work fast and efficiently! We can usually design and install your custom solar panel system in less than 2 weeks. However be aware that your panels will need to be inspected by the city before they can be connected to the power grid. You can expect this to add a bit more time to the process.

Are solar panels guaranteed to last and do they include a warranty?

As the most trusted solar panel provider in Southern California we stand behind our work and our products. Our solar panels are backed by a 25-year materials warranty and we provide a 10-year labor guarantee. If you’re not happy with the performance of your solar panels, we will do what it takes to make it right!

When is the best time to get solar panels?

The time is NOW. The sooner you get solar panels installed on your home the sooner you’ll start saving money and the sooner you’ll see a return on your investment. Why spend another day paying the electric company? Contact Inter Faith Electric & Solar Installation today for a free estimate and to learn more about the advantages of solar panels.

It’s time for you to TAKE BACK THE POWER!