You’ve done it.

You’ve decided it’s time to stop paying the utility company and become a utility company. You’ve paid your last outrageous electric bill. You’re ready to take back the power.

You’re getting solar panels.

But what happens now? In today’s post we’ll walk you through the process of installing solar panels on your Southern California home, from start to finish. We’ll review common mistakes, talk about how long the solar panel installation process takes, and much more.

Don’t make these mistakes!

If you’re serious about solar panels, read this first:

Buy – don’t lease – your solar panels

Whatever you do, don’t lease solar panels – buy your panels outright.

At Inter Faith Electric and Solar Installation, we hear from homeowners who think that because they have bad credit, they have to settle for leasing solar panels. That simply isn’t true. Even with bad credit, you can finance and own your solar panel system.

When you lease solar panels:

  • A lien is placed against your home by the owner of the solar panels
  • The owner of the solar panels (not you!) gets to take advantage of rebates and tax credits
  • You’ll pay more for electricity than if you owned the panels
  • The terms of the lease can change, leading to higher costs down the road

When you by solar panels:

  • You lock in low monthly payments
  • You benefit from tax credits and rebates
  • You add value to your home
  • You save up to 70% on the cost of electricity

Don’t settle for cut-rate solar panels

Another common mistake is buying the cheapest solar panels you can find. Solar panels that are made overseas aren’t subject to the same rigorous quality control standards as the Made in America solar panels we use.

Cheaper solar panels cost you in the long run. They’ll be less efficient and won’t last as long as high-quality solar panels. When you’re looking to buy a solar panel system for your home, ask about the origin of the panels and the warranty.

Getting started with solar panels – the first step to energy independence

Before your solar panels are installed we have to design the right configuration of panels for your home. It all depends on the size of your roof, your roof’s pitch (how steep it is), and how much sun your roof gets each day. We’ll also examine your home’s power needs.

Based on these factors, we’ll determine how many panels you’ll need and where they’ll be placed. We’ll give you a free estimate for your solar panel system and if you sign the paperwork, we can get started right away.

Submitting plans for approval

The Building & Safety Commission must approval all residential solar panel systems before construction can begin. It usually takes us less than 3 days to complete the paperwork and get your solar panel system submitted for approval.

It’s time to install your solar panels

Now, we’ll install the solar panels on your roof. Our experienced solar panel installers work quickly and efficiently to securely install your panels and connect them to your home’s electrical system. Our team will respect your property and leave it in great condition. You don’t have to do any clean up or prep work. We handle everything. You’ll hardly even notice we’re there.

Final inspection

We work quickly. In most cases your solar panels will be installed in less than 2 weeks. But we can’t connect your panels to the grid until an inspector from the city comes out and approves our work. This bureaucracy can take time. But once it’s done, your solar panels are ready to go.

Once your solar panels are brought online, they’ll deliver power to your home and sell excess power back to the electric company.

What you can expect from your new solar panels

You’ll see an immediate and drastic decrease in your electric bills.

Many of our customers are even able to eliminate their electric bill completely. Once they’ve paid for their solar panels, they’ve achieved true energy independence.

Don’t forget about solar panel maintenance

Just like any investment you make, you need to make sure it keeps paying off. Over time, leaves, dirt, and other debris can accumulate on your solar panels, making them less efficient. Generally speaking, you’ll want to clean your solar panels twice a year to keep them running at full strength.

Ready to get started with a solar company you can trust?

If you’re ready to take back the power, contact us today. We’ll come out to your home for a free and no-obligation quote. In just a few weeks you’ll be energy independent and ready to fight back against high utility bills in Southern California.