As the owner of a commercial property or business, every cent you save on the operation of your building ends up back in your pocket.

While there are lots of ways to save money around the edges, the most comprehensive way to save money consistently is by lowering your energy costs. The best way to do this? A solar panel system for your commercial property.

Read on to learn how commercial solar panel systems can help bring costs down and improve the value of your commercial property.


Maximizing the value of your commercial property

Commercial solar panels harness the energy of the sun to power your commercial property or business. While residential solar panels will save your family money, when you own a commercial space, the savings are even bigger! 

It’s no secret that energy costs are one of the biggest expenses of running a commercial property. By leveraging a solar panel system for your property, you’ll reduce this expense exponentially.

Why should you invest in a solar panel system to maximize the value of your commercial property?


Energy prices are only going up

Energy costs in California are on the rise. With more and more people moving to California, non-renewable energy drying up, and energy companies consolidating, energy prices are due to skyrocket in the next decade.

The best way to avoid this increase in energy prices is to invest in a solar panel system for your business or commercial property. 

Look at the difference in energy prices today! 

  • Cost of leasing per kwh: $.18/kwh (plus the lease increases 3% every year)
  • Cost of buying per kwh: $.06/kwh (sometimes less!)

There is already a massive difference in cost — just wait until energy prices go up!



One of the most valuable things you can have when running a business is certainty. A solar energy system increases certainty by leveling off the cost of energy to the exact same low price every month.

While traditional gridded energy costs fluctuate from day-to-day, when you finance a solar panel system, the price you pay will remain constant until it’s paid off. It doesn’t matter if an energy crisis happens 2 years from now — you’ll still be paying the same amount to power your building.

This stability provides flexibility in other areas of your budget and peace of mind that lets you take risks in other parts of your business.


It increases the resale value of your property

Installing a solar panel on your commercial property will provide an unbelievable return on investment when selling your property.

Excluding energy costs from operating expenses is BIG, and buyers will be willing to put a whole lot of that savings into the purchase price of the commercial space.

Even further, solar panels will signal that your space has been updated regularly, maintained, and is ready to enter a modern age.


There are economic incentives

Commercial property owners are not the only people realizing the economic incentives of owning a solar panel. Municipal, state, and federal governments also see the environmental, energy independence, and economic benefits to the systems.

Because of this, they are excited about providing incentives to make the purchase of solar systems more affordable through tax credits and rebates, including:

The one catch? You must BUY and not LEASE your solar panel system.


A greener building for a greener future

Like it or not, the future is green. Given the environmental impacts of traditional power plants, the limited amount of energy through extraction, and the sky-high price of energy, green energy IS the future.

While many types of green energy are making a dent in traditional energy sources, the one that is making the biggest difference is solar. Better yet, the only one that you can take into your own hands is with solar panels for your property. Sustainability is now a major selling point for properties, with many buyers seeing it as a serious value from an environmental and self-sustaining perspective.

Adding a solar panel system to your commercial property will make sure your commercial property is not left in the dust.


Just make sure: BUY don’t LEASE solar panels

In order to actually see all of these benefits, it’s necessary to buy your solar panels. 

Functionally, leasing your solar panels is not much different from paying the energy company, you’re just paying a different corporation. Leasing causes the financial benefit of owning solar panels to whoever does own them (Hint: the solar panel leasing company!).

It’s imperative that you BUY and not LEASE solar panels. Just look at the difference:

When You Lease

  • The panel leasing company gets all tax credits and rebates
  • A lien is placed on your commercial property
  • Monthly payments are not guaranteed, potentially leading to ever-increasing costs
  • Total electric reach $.18/kwh or more
When You Buy

  • You receive all state AND federal tax credits
  • Your commercial property value will increase
  • You’ll have flat monthly payments
  • Your total electric costs will be as low as $.06/kwh


Outstanding financing options available through Inter Faith Electric & Solar & Electric

At Inter Faith Electric & Solar, we offer simple financing solutions to our commercial clients.

You can finance solar panels for as low as $0 down with interest rates starting at just 2.99%, which is less than the current rate of inflation! We work with business and commercial property owners with bad credit and can offer financing solutions to buyers from throughout the credit spectrum.

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