If you live in Southern California, you know the pain of ever-increasing electric bills. Just think about it. When was the last time your electric bill was under $100 a month? Probably not recently — and during the summer, you’re probably wishing you could pay $100 a month to the electric company.

Do you own a home or piece of commercial property in California? If so, you have access to an unbelievably powerful resource — the sun. You can use solar power to not only reduce your electric bill but eliminate it completely.

Solar power isn’t the future. It’s the right now.

Here in Southern California, Mother Nature blesses us with nearly 300 days of 100% pure Grade A sunshine every year. Nearly double what our neighbors to the north in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington receive. Harness the power of the sun and put it to work for you!

It’s time to invest in solar panels, take back the power, and become the utility company.

If you’re getting ready to take the next step, these questions will help you evaluate the solar panel installers in California.

NEVER let anyone else own your solar panels

If you’re a property owner, the biggest mistake you can make is leasing solar panels from a solar installer in California. You don’t rent your home, why would you rent solar panels? It just doesn’t make sense.

Ask any solar panel company if they sell panels to you or lease them.

You want to buy (NOT lease) your solar panels.

On its face, leasing solar panels can seem attractive. You may be wooed by local solar companies offering benefits like:

  • Low initial out of pocket solar panel costs
  • Included maintenance
  • Low monthly fee to get started
  • Being able to get solar panels installed with bad credit

Looks can be deceiving. Here’s the truth about leasing solar panels:

  • Contract terms can be confusing and your monthly solar panel costs may skyrocket over time
  • You won’t get the tax credits and rebates for solar panels, the owners of the panels will
  • It can be difficult to sell your home down the road

Why you should buy not lease your solar panels

  • With 0% down and low-interest solar financing options, like those available from local solar companies like Inter Faith Electric & Solar, you can get solar panels for a surprisingly low investment.
  • Your monthly costs are locked in and never increase.
  • You benefit from all available solar tax credits and rebates.
  • You OWN your panels and maintain control over your property, just like it should be.
  • When you generate more power than you use, it becomes money in your pocket thanks to a concept known as Net Metering.

What is net metering?

Net metering is a credit for the net energy you contribute to the power grid.

electricity used – solar power generated = net energy usage

If your net usage is negative, your panels generated more power than your household used.

Think of it like a farmer growing a field of corn. Sure, the farmer’s family eats a few ears here and there, but the vast majority of the corn is sold on the market, resulting in a profit for the farmer. The farmer grew more corn than they used, resulting in a net profit.

Interested? Keep reading about our solar financing options, including the trusted lenders we work with.

Find a licensed contractor

With the solar power gold rush underway here in California, not everyone is doing things the right way. Too many untrustworthy companies are trying to cash in quick. But will an unlicensed contractor be insured and bonded? Can they be trusted to do the job right? Will they be around to honor their warranty?

A licensed contractor can be trusted to get the job done and will stand behind their work.

Here at Inter Faith Electric & Solar, we’re licensed, bonded, and insured contractors with nearly 30 years of experience. We’ll be around to honor our guarantees and we always stand behind our work.

“What’s your license number?”

All contractors aren’t created equally. Some have decades of experience and some are new to the game. You can figure out which is which by asking for their license number.

If it starts with a 9 or a 10, they got their license recently. If it starts with an 8 or below, you’ve found yourself a contractor with years of experience.

Meet the Inter Faith Electric & Solar team of solar installers in California and learn more about our experience and expertise.

Don’t fall for high-pressure sales tactics

This is among the most common trick used by unscrupulous solar panel installers in California. You have the power to say NO. Don’t let anyone rush you into a decision. Understand your options, ask questions, and NEVER sign anything you don’t fully understand. A trustworthy solar company will provide answers, clearly explain your options, and help you make a smart decision for your home.

A high-pressure solar contractor may also ask for payment right away as part of their “sign at all costs” mentality. You might feel harassed and like you have to give in just get the salespeople to leave you alone.

At Inter Faith Electric & Solar, we want you to feel confident in your decision to work with us. Our quotes are free and there’s never any obligation. We just want what’s best for you.

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Why wait? Get started today!

The clock is ticking. Why would you wait for solar panel installers in California? We can get your system installed and ready to go in as little as 14 days. Remember though, it might take extra time for government licensing and approval of your installed system. If a solar panel installer in California makes promises about getting you hooked up to the grid, run away!

We’ll be honest and upfront about the timeline and acknowledge the unpredictability of the bureaucratic process and red tape. The best thing to do is call (661) 245-3224 today for a free quote and estimate for your custom solar panel system.

Before you call, get ahead by reading the answers to the most common questions about solar power.