Curious if your California city is good for solar energy? Want to know if you can find a solar panel installer near you? Maybe you’re just curious about the best cities in California for solar power?

In this month’s post we’ll take a look at the conditions that are best for solar power and the best cities in California for solar power.

Where do solar panels work the best?

When looking at where solar panels perform the best and will get you the most bang for your buck, there are three aspects to consider:

  1. Weather conditions
  2. Federal, state, and local economic incentives
  3. Cost of electricity from the power companies

What are good weather conditions for solar panels?

The absolutely best conditions for solar panels are clear, sunny days. While some weather and clouds are okay, every cloud in the sky at any given time is taking away from the maximum potential of your solar panel.

Did you know: On cloudy days, you actually only receive up to 1/3rd the power you do on sunny, clear days? This makes having regular clear weather is a must for maximum efficiency for solar panels.

While most of the country has to wait all year for a couple of months of optimal weather for solar panels, here in southern California we have almost 300 days of sunshine a year in many cities. This makes California an ideal place to take advantage of solar panels

What regulations are good for solar panels?

Given the right weather conditions, solar panels are going to be economical regardless of whether or not state and local governments incentivize them. Still, for the communities that are incentivized, it is a meaningful boost to the economics of the installation.

It’s good for the communities, too. Incentives are a great way to encourage investments into homes. It is also good for the environment and encourages energy independence! All of this equals a more eco-friendly, self-sustaining, and valuable community!

California has particularly robust incentives for homeowners to make the investment in solar panels. Some of these incentives include:

Electricity costs

If you live in a community where electricity costs are skyrocketing, you are in prime position to take advantage of solar panels. While electricity costs are going up across the nation (and world), this is particularly true in certain parts of our country, such as California.

In fact, energy costs are expected to rise almost 80% in the coming years. While you do have to pay for your panels, sunlight will continue to be free forever!

California also recently passed a law that will increase the cost of energy for most homeowners. This law, going into effect in 2019, will charge ratepayers different rates depending on the time of the day energy is consumed. For most homeowners, this means they’ll pay more, since they use most of their energy during the day (as most people do).

Since homeowners who have installed solar panels do not get their power from the power companies, they won’t have to go through this increase in costs.

California is the greatest state in the USA for solar panels

California is truly prime real estate for solar panels. There simply is no better place in the country to install solar panels into your home.

Since California has almost 300 days of sun a year, you can leverage your investment almost every day! This in combination with the energy prices reaching higher and higher every year, make the economics of a solar panel investment a slam dunk. Add in the financial incentives given by the state and California’s solar panel opportunity is this generation’s gold rush!

Best cities in California for solar panels

While the following cities are the best, virtually every city in southern California is excellent for solar energy. Don’t see your name on the list? Call (661) 245-3224 to see if your town is good for solar energy.

Should you buy or lease solar panels?

You can really save a lot of money here in Southern California when making an investment in solar panels. But did you know that most of these savings are lost when you lease instead of buy solar panels?

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know know this! This is because the power companies and solar panel leasing companies don’t want to let you in on the savings.

  • When you lease, you pay: $.18/kwh plus the lease increases 3% every year
  • When you buy, you’ll pay: $.06/kwh (or even less!)

Some common myths about financing solar panels include:

  • Myth 1 — You can’t buy solar panels with bad credit: You can! No matter your credit score, you can make an investment that will save you money every day.
  • Myth 2 — You need a large down payment to buy solar panels: You can invest in solar panels and your energy independence for $0 down!
  • Myth 3 — When you lease solar panels you have more flexibility: You are tied to your leased panels (and the corresponding panels) whether you move or not. A lien will be placed on your house, making it harder to move.
  • Myth 4 — Leasing solar panels adds value to you home: Given this lien and the fact you are not receiving the economic benefits of the panels, no value will be added to your home.
  • Myth 5 — You will still get tax credits when you lease solar panels: Nope! These go to the owner of the panels, not a lessee.
  • Myth 6 — You’ll pay the same monthly rate when leasing solar panels: When leasing solar panels, the monthly payments go up every year!
  • Myth 7 — You will save money by leasing solar panels: With the right financing

The FACTS about buying solar panels instead of leasing

When you buy solar panels instead of leasing them, you’ll save thousands of dollars compares to leasing. When you buy, you’ll also:

  • Receive all state and federal tax credits
  • Your home value will increase
  • Have flat monthly payments
  • Own your panels once payments have ended

You wouldn’t give away a gold mine under your house for free, would you? Giving up the benefits of the solar energy to a solar panel leasing company is the same thing. The only way to truly take the power back and take advantage of living in the best place in the world for solar panels is through buying, not leasing, solar panels!

Live in southern California and want to take back the power?

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