Are you asking yourself “are solar panels worth it” or “will solar panels save me money?”

In this post, we’ll answer these questions and how to get the most value out of solar panels and make them work for your home!

Are solar panels worth it?

They are! Ultimately, solar panels will save you money if invested in appropriately.

The fact is that paying a corporation to power your home is an unnecessary waste of money. Here in Southern California, the sun is shining almost 300 days a year. By not taking advantage of solar power, you’re simply leaving money on the table!

The best way to take advantage of the financial savings of solar panels in your Southern California home is through BUYING and not LEASING your solar panels.

Buying solar panels vs. leasing them

When you lease solar panels instead of buying them, you are transferring the benefits that make solar panels worth it to another corporation.

Don’t let these benefits go to a solar leasing company when they could go to you.


When you lease

  • The panel leasing company gets all tax credits and rebates
  • A lien is placed on your home
  • Monthly payments are not guaranteed, potentially leading to ever-increasing costs
  • Total electric costs reach $.18/kwh or more

When you buy

  • You receive all state AND federal tax credits
  • Your home value will increase
  • You’ll have flat monthly payments
  • Your total electric costs will be as low as $.06/kwh

Leasing companies will tell you that leasing is a good option since you don’t have to buy them all at once. But this just simply isn’t true.

Financing solar panels

Financing solar panels are the only way to approach solar panels in order to make them worth it. You can even finance your solar panels for $0 down!

Interest rates start at just 2.99% (slightly less than the current rate of inflation.) These rates will be locked from the day you sign on the dotted line, meaning you’ll know the exact amount you’ll be paying deep into the future. No surprises here!

You also don’t have to worry about bad credit. We have a flexible financing program that can accommodate any credit history. The only requirement is wanting to save money on your electricity and wiggle out of the grip of the utility companies.

To learn more about why solar panels are really worth it, read below

5 Ways solar panels are worth it

Electricity prices are only getting higher

Most resources on the planet are finite, particularly the ones that create energy. That is setting our planet up for an energy crisis that will see energy prices rise in the coming years and decades.

Fortunately, the best way to avoid this price increase is by simply not relying on energy companies anymore and installing your own solar panels.

Unlike reserves of natural gas, coal, hydropower, and most traditional sources of residential and commercial energy, nobody can own the sun. Nor will the sun ever run out of energy (at least not for another 5 billion years).

When you buy solar panels, your energy will be free once you’ve invested in the installation of your panels.

Traditional energy prices are expected to rise almost 80% in coming years. Even further, starting in 2019, California residents will be forced to pay for their energy based on the time of day its consumed. This will only further increase energy prices for most people!

You’ll no longer have to deal with the greedy electric company

Imagine having one less bill to worry about every month. With solar panels, you’ll be the owner of your own energy. You’ll no longer have to….

  • Contact the energy company when there is a billing issue or power outage.
  • Support an industry that actively hurts the planet and is only out for profit.
  • Deal with pushy energy representatives trying to push you for new “green benefits” that don’t actually change anything.

When you own solar panels, YOU ARE THE POWER COMPANY. This means you’ll be saving money, but you’ll also be self-sufficient and helping the environment with your actions.

There are plenty of rebates

We are not the only ones that see the value in solar panels, either. Federal, state, and local governments are starting to encourage homeowners to take advantage given the environmental benefits and the reduced reliance on a couple of wealthy and powerful businesses. These benefits include tax rebates and credits that make solar panels even more affordable.

These include:

Remember, the only way to take advantage of these benefits is to BUY and not LEASE your solar panels.

They add value to your home

Solar panels are beginning to become a hot home appliance that homeowners want. The same things that make solar panels attractive to you as a homeowner will also be attractive to any potential purchaser of your home. This savings will bring value to your home and will only make it sell for a higher price.

Plus, starting in 2020, all homes built in California will be required to include solar panels during construction. This standardization will make them even more ubiquitous. Ones without energy independence will be left in the real estate market dust.

Solar panels really are just getting started.

They don’t cost much to maintain

Solar panels are not hard to maintain. Simply inspecting them once in the fall, once in the spring, and cleaning 2-3 times per year insufficient.

Your friendly solar panel installation specialists at Inter Faith Solar will clean your solar panels for just $5 if you don’t feel like doing it yourself!

Inter Faith Solar and Electric helps California homeowners TAKE BACK THE POWER

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