Have you been thinking about adding a solar panel system to your Southern California home? Increasing utility costs have led many people to look for ways to reduce their electric bills. But there’s lots of misinformation out there when it comes to residential solar panel systems.

In today’s post, we’ll debunk 7 of the most common solar panel myths. Then we’ll show you how to take back the power!

Let’s get started!

MYTH #1: Solar Panels Are Too Expensive

A solar panel system isn’t free, but that doesn’t mean it’s too expensive! When you buy a solar panel system from Inter Faith Electric & Solar Installation, you can actually get it up and running for $0 out-of-pocket– thanks to our great financing options. You can lock in low monthly payments with interest as low as 2.49% and you’ll start seeing lower utility bills right away.

THE TRUTH: Solar panels reduce your electric bill right away (and can even eliminate it) and can be installed for $0 out-of-pocket.

MYTH #2: Solar Panels Don’t Save That Much

Many people think solar panels aren’t worth it because they don’t save that much money. Wrong!

Nothing could be further from the truth. The utility companies in Southern California charge about $.25/kwh for electricity. And those prices are going up all the time. Some experts expect electricity costs in the area to increase by as much as 80% over the coming years.

Currently, most of our customers pay about $.06/kwh once their solar panels are up and running. That’s a saving of over 70% at current rates! And as electricity becomes more expensive to buy from the utility companies that savings will only increase!

The sooner you buy a set of solar panels for your home, the sooner you’ll start locking in savings.

THE TRUTH: Solar panels reduce your electricity cost by nearly 70%.

MYTH #3: Leasing Solar Panels Is Just As Good As Buying Them

Leasing solar panels is a good deal for one person: the actual owner of the panels.

When you lease solar panels instead of buying them:

  • You pay up to 3 times as much for electricity ($.18/kwh when leasing vs.$.06/kwh when buying solar panels.
  • You don’t get any tax breaks or credits– the owner of the panels does.
  • Your payments can change over time depending on the terms of your lease.
  • You don’t add value to your home.
  • It can be harder to sell your home. When leasing the owner of the panels becomes a “partner” in your home.

There is simply no good reason to lease solar panels instead of buying them.

Great financing options are available to homeowners in Southern California who want to own their solar panels, pay less for electricity, add value to their home, and take advantage of valuable tax rebates and credits.

THE TRUTH: There are no advantages to leasing solar panels instead of buying them.

MYTH #4: Solar Panels Are Hard to Maintain

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels are actually very easy to maintain. Most solar panel systems in Southern California only require a cleaning twice a year or so. A cleaning isn’t expensive either! Our trained technicians can clean your solar panel system for only $5 per panel!

THE TRUTH: Solar panels require only a few hours of maintenance each year and can last for decades.

MYTH #5: Solar Panels Are Bad For Your Roof

Another common myth is that solar panels can damage your home’s roof. With proper maintenance and regular roof inspections (which you need whether you have solar panels or not), your roof can last for decades!

THE TRUTH: Solar panels don’t damage your roof and are easily removed if roof maintenance is called for.

MYTH #6: Solar Panels Aren’t Worth It If I Might Move Soon

May people believe that they shouldn’t bother investing in solar panels if there’s a chance they’ll move or sell their house soon. This just isn’t true.

Solar panels are an investment that start saving you money right away. As soon as they’re hooked into the power grid, you’ll start seeing the savings in your monthly electric bill.

Even if you do need to move or sell your home, your solar panels actually ADD VALUE to your home. And the solar panel systems from Inter Faith Electric & Solar include a warranty that’s fully transferable to your home’s new owner.

THE TRUTH: Solar panels are a great investment from day 1! You won’t regret buying solar panels, which not only reduce utility costs but also increase your home’s value.

MYTH #7: Manufacturing Solar Panels Creates Pollution

Solar panels aren’t only a good investment for your home, they’re a great investment for the environment as well. Some emissions are produced when a solar panel is manufactured. However, when that panel is used, the amount of energy it produces will more than offset the initial environmental “cost”– which is minimal.

THE TRUTH: Solar panels are an excellent environmental investment. They “pay for themselves” many times over through the energy they save.

Are You Ready To Take Back The Power?

Now that you know the facts about solar panels in Southern California, are you ready to take back the power? Are you ready to stop paying the utility company and become the utility company?

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